S.D. Ireland Concrete Construction Corp. Attains NPCA Certified Plant Distinction

SD Ireland Concrete Construction Corp attains NPCA Certified Plant Distinction!!  SD Ireland has been awarded status as a National Precast Concrete Association (NPCA) Certified Plant.  The cesignation recognizes SD Ireland as a precast Concrete manufacturing plant operating at the highest standards of production and quality control.  NPCA established its national Plant Certification Program in 1987 to ensure a consistent industry benchmark and a high degree of excellence among precast operations.  The program involves a comprehensive review of all aspects of a plant’s manufacturing processes.  To achieve certification, participants must pass an initial inspection.  Plants then maintain certification by passing periodic, unannounced on-site inspections conducted by an independent engineering firm.  According to Ty E. Gable, NPCA President, SD Ireland has proven its commitment to producing high quality precast products by attaining certification.  By specifying NPCA certification and purchasing products from certified plants, engineers, architects and contractors are assured they are receiving products that come from an organization dedicated to the highest level of quality throughout the manufacturing process.

“NPCA’s Quality Assurance Committee is pleased to extend its congratulations again to the entire team at SD Ireland Concrete Construction Corporation for achieving on of the top 25 scores for 2014 in NPCA’s Plant Certification Program.  With over 350 plants participating in the Plant Certification Program, SD Ireland’s achievement of the 2014 Quality Merit Award is significant”.  SD Ireland placed in the 14th position.

S.D. Ireland selected for Richmond Bridge Reconstruction

Harrison and Burrowes Constructors Inc. have awarded a contract to S.D. Ireland for the VTrans Design Build Project that will reconstruct the existing Route 2 Bridge across the Winooski River in Richmond, VT.  Harrison and Burrowes, a general and bridge contractor from Glen Mount, NY will team with S.D. Ireland to complete the 14 million dollar reconstruction project.  The work will consist of constructing a detour and a temporary bridge to allow the existing 1929 truss bridge to be taken out of service for widening, reconstruction and safety improvements.

S.D. Ireland will perform all excavaton and road work including the drilling, blasting and removal of 20,000 C.Y. of ledge to relocate Johnnie Brook Road to the east side of Kenyon Road.  U.S. Route 2 will also undergo a full depth reconstruction for approximately 800′ on the east and west approaches of the structure.  Kenyon Road will be reconstructed for a distance of 460′ away from Route 2 and Johnnie Brook Road will be reconstructed for a distance of 650′ with a new alignment and intersection into Kenyon Road.  The overall project will dramatically improve safety and site lines from current existing conditions.  The new detour will consist of a new temporary 280′ metal bridge span east of the existing bridge.  The detour will allow the existing bridge to be taken out of service to facilitate structural design modifications.  The detour must be operational prior to June 10, 2011 to meet milestones established by VTrans.

The existing bridge will be lifted off the existing abutments and relocated approximately  7 feet to the east.  The bridge structure will then be sheared between the existing trusses and the western truss will be relocated west to a distance that will increase the overall width of the existing bridge by 14 feet.  New concrete abutments will be excavated and constructed to support the structure and the exisitng deck and web will be replaced with new structural steel and a new concrete deck.  The entire structure will be painted and rehabilitated prior to returning it to service.

The new bridge should be ready to accept traffic by August 2o12.  S.D. Ireland contract work will include building new approaches to each side of a new structure and removal of the detour to allow temporary bridge removal and final alignment and construction of Johnnie Brook Road.  S.D. Ireland will perform all work within our project scope with the exception of drilling and blasting component.  Ledge will be excavated and removed to an adjacent site for crushing and processing, and ultimately reused within the project.  All new road surfaces will be paved by S.D. Ireland.  Harrison and Burrowes expect to have the project finally complete in the late fall of 2012.